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Benefits of hiring an apprentice

What if one simple hiring practise could offer numerous tax credits and bonuses, help you build a loyal team and allow you to contribute to your industry’s future, among many other perks; would you be interested? Currently, in Ontario only 20 per cent of eligible employers train apprentices, though the benefits (to both parties) are

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Apprenticeship: the best way to learn

An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade and has a formal training contract with a sponsor. And working as an apprentice is one of the best ways to learn. Approximately 20 per cent of your time is spent learning theoretical instructions in school and the other 80 per cent is paid, hands-on job

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Get started: employers and job seekers

Employers: For employers who are members of Ontario College of Trade’s Employers/Sponsors Class, the College has made it possible for you to create a profile and find apprentices and certified tradespersons for hire. There is no limit on the number of jobs you may post; and it only takes three simple steps: Register (top right

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