Get started: employers and job seekers

For employers who are members of Ontario College of Trade’s Employers/Sponsors Class, the College has made it possible for you to create a profile and find apprentices and certified tradespersons for hire. There is no limit on the number of jobs you may post; and it only takes three simple steps:

  • Register (top right corner), then login
  • Click on “Post A Job” and fill in criteria, including job title, service sector and company overview
  • Select “Post” button and review your listing

Job Seekers:
Those looking for apprenticeships or journeyperson roles can search available jobs in their skilled trade category. Job seekers are also encouraged to post their resumes on Hire With Confidence, which may be reviewed by potential employers.

Create profile
To apply for jobs, you must first create a profile:

  • Click on the “Job Seekers” tab and select “create a profile.” Enter your name, email address, job category, resume content and any other pertinent details. You also have the option of uploading your resume. (Note: please do not post your phone number or address publically).
  • Click on “preview” to review your profile before it is posted publically.

Apply for jobs
After completing your profile, you can search and apply for jobs:

  • Click on “Available Jobs” (filter results using keywords, regions and/or job category)
  • Click on jobs you are interested in to view the full description
  • To apply, click on “apply for job.” A pop-up window will appear, select “submit resume and apply”

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