We are seeking a Refrigeration Technician – Apprentice.
Technician will work under Journeyman and learn how to service refrigeration air dryers, desiccant dryers and be crossed trained on compressor service.
Technician will also work under Journeyman installing & servicing industrial HVAC systems.
This is a hybrid role – the apprentice will have the opportunity to work in both the HVAC and Compressed Air industries.
A 3rd year apprentice would be preferred.

About Compressed Air Solutions

Compressed Air Solutions is a leader in the Industrial Compressed Air Sales & Service.
With more than a combined 50 years experience in sales, service and preventative maintenance of compressed air dryers, air compressors and nitrogen systems, Compressed Air Solutions is the ONE-STOP for all Compressed Air needs.  Compressed Air Solutions provides a wide array of support services from installation, commissioning, routine and preventative maintenance, project management, implementation management and 24/7 service/support.